Development of a comprehensive feminist performance evaluation framework for international Sexual-and-Reproductive-Health-and-Rights (SRHR) development programs: The case of Inter Pares

The main objective of this short-term Mitacs project is to gather evidence through research to support Inter Pares’ development of Performance Evaluation Framework for their upcoming SRHR program, which aims to improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and adolescent girls in the global south. To learn from the program implementation and to show accountability to stakeholders Inter Pares requires to develop a PEF prior to the launch of the program. However, Inter Pares, as most other non-profit organizations, lack the essential research expertise, resources, and capacity to develop project performance evaluation framework. This research will conduct necessary research for the development of an effective PEF for their needs. It will conduct literature review and thematic analysis to develop a feminist evaluation framework, a set of relevant indicators and relevant data collection techniques. It will be significant for Inter Pares to develop their current and future projects, to secure future funding and donation, to effectively advocate SHR programming to improve their programming.

Faculty Supervisor:

Annette Burfoot


Derya Gungor


Inter Pares




Health care and social assistance


Queen's University



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