Development of a continuous fluidized bed biomass torrefaction technology

There have been great interests on the utilization of biomass as a potentially renewable and sustainable energy source for greenhouse gas mitigation. In British Columbia and Quebec, abundantly available biomass residues are potential renewable energy sources if effectively utilized. In BC alone, there are estimated 32 million tonne per year of biomass residues available, but only about two million tonnes are made into pellets each year, with majority of them being exported to Europe due to the lack of effective biofuel conversion and pollution control technologies, preventing the development of a sustainable domestic biofuel market.
This proposed project will support our recent efforts in further developing a novel energy-efficient fluidized bed torrefaction process for the production of water-resistant, high energy density and durable torrefied wood pellets for domestic applications in thermal power plants. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Xiaotao Bi


Dening Jia


GloGreen Technology inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy




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