Development of a diagnostic assay for first line detection and surveillance of bladder urothelial carcinoma using concurrent biomarker panels from non-invasive liquid biopsies

Bladder Carcinoma (BC) is the fifth most common cancer in Canada. Although most individuals have surgery to remove BC tumors, the risk of another BC developing and/or progressing to invasive disease is high so long-term surveillance is necessary. The current method for screening for BC is not sensitive enough, and individuals often end up undergoing an unnecessary secondary procedure that is both uncomfortable and costly. In this project, we plan to design a diagnostic assay using urine samples, which will allow an easier and cost-effective method for early BC detection. There is currently no similar assay in the market so the commercialization of the project’s development will allow the partner organization to become a pioneer and leader in BC diagnostics.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chen Zhou


Chansonette Badduke


Applied Biological Materials




Life sciences


University of British Columbia



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