Development of a High Efficiency LC-FAIMS-MS/MS Solution for Enhanced Lipidomic Analysis

Accurate and sensitive analysis of lipids is a challenge for the medical and nutritional fields. In this proposal, we describe a new method for their analysis using a technique seldom applied to these problems. We propose to make a number of modifications to existing instrumentation to facilitate this; in partnership with Dalhousie and the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute, an MASc student will lead the evaluation of several prototypes to optimize the analysis of complex lipid mixtures. In demonstrating its utility in this application, we will expand the user group of this novel platform and we anticipate this having a substantial impact on the commercial value and uptake of this technology in the scientific community.

Faculty Supervisor:

Suzanne Budge


EmmaRae Lynn Murphy


Atlantic Cancer Research Institute




Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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