Development of a lymphatic in-vitro model to study drug uptake

The lymphatic system serves an integral role in fluid homeostasis, lipid metabolism and immune control of the human body. Lipid based nano-carriers employing lymphatic voyage offer multitude of advantages like enhanced bioavailability, selective targeting to localized as well as metastatic conditions, controlled delivery and others. Lipid-based nano-carriers have been tested on various experimental various in-vivo, in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-silico models. The in-vivo models provide the best drug transport estimation, but they are both invasive and irreversible. However, presently there is no in vitro model that can be used to accurately investigate the lymphotropic lipid-based nano-formulations. In this study, we aim at developing an in-vitro model for studying intestinal lymph targeted drug delivery including simulated lymphatic fluid and cellular environment and to establish a 3D model for lymphotropic drug transport. Attaining these objectives would open a wide door for the development of drugs targeting the lymphatic system for various indications and vaccinations.

Faculty Supervisor:

Neal Davies


Malaz Yousef;Jieyu Zuo


RS Therapeutics Inc


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




University of Alberta



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