Development Of A Machine Condition Monitoring Platform Using A Wireless Sensor Network

Machine maintenance is a necessary task to keep production lines or individual machines running in a healthy condition. Predictive Maintenance (PdM) can effectively reduce maintenance cost and machine down time. However, it requires online machine condition monitoring systems to obtain the relevant parameters of the machines. Conventional distributed-control-system (DCS) -based monitoring systems use wires/cables to deliver signals which makes it expensive and inconvenient for installation, while current wireless sensor network (WSN)-based monitoring systems are only designed for small data management and are not ideal for machine condition monitoring that requires the transmission of a large amount of data. In this project we will develop a new wireless sensing platform and data processing software which can satisfy the demands for big data transmission, cost-effectiveness, and easy onsite installation. Working with our partner RMAE who provides Cogeneration Heat and Power (CHP) services, we will be able to develop

Faculty Supervisor:

Yongjun Lai


Hani Naanaa


9314148 Canada Corp


Engineering - mechanical






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