Development of a Methane Flux Sensor

This project supports development of a laser-based sensor capable of accurately measuring methane releases from oil and gas wells, an important source of greenhouse gas emissions. This sensor will lead to a more accurate understanding of greenhouse gas emissions and enable mitigation actions in the upstream oil and gas industry. This is a critical step in developing effective climate change policy which affects all Canadians. By supporting this project, INO wants to ensure the technological and commercial viability of this important new sensor. Success in these objectives will give Canadian industries rapid access to a state-of-the-art tool enabling them to quantify and reduce methane emissions, which is critical to helping Canada meet its stated commitments to reducing oil and gas sector methane emissions by 40–45% by 2025.

Faculty Supervisor:

Matthew Johnson


Simon Festa-Bianchet


National Optics Institute




Professional, scientific and technical services


Carleton University



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