Development of a nanonewton force sensor for in-situ characterization of nanomaterials

Nanomaterials are the fundamental building blocks of nanotechnology. Despite the advances in nanomaterial synthesis, no reliable technique exists to characterize their physical properties. The key challenge lies with the lack of accurate force and displacement feedback. To tackle the problem, leading researchers from University of Toronto and from Toronto Nano Instrumentation (TNI) Inc. are working together to develop the next generation technology for nanomaterial testing. Their collaborative effort focuses on developing a high performance force sensor capable of resolving a single nanonewton of force, and combining it with TNI’s state-of-the-art nano robotic instrument to create a full solution for nanomaterial characterization. The development of this measurement instrument is important to TNI’s business in order to remain competitive in the precision instrumentation sector, but also to demonstrate the company’s leadership position in developing nano analysis related products. When successfully commercialized, it will represent a Canadian innovation to impact the nanotechnology sector and industries

Faculty Supervisor:

Yu Sun


Qili Zhao


Toronto Nano Instrumentation Inc.


Engineering - mechanical






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