Development of a new bioassay for adiponectin agonist action

This project will pair together a academic Canadian research group with a pharmaceutical company who have developed a novel therapeutic (ALY688) to the stage that it will soon begin phase 1 clinical trials for the treatment of metabolic disease, such as diabetes. Since the success, and safety, of clinical trials requires accurate dosing of the new drug there is a need to develop a way to monitor the amount required to safely induce beneficial effects on the body. At the moment there is no assay which easily allows analysis of ALY688 action. Here, the academic research group will design, develop and validate an assay using blood samples that can be used to test the activity of ALY688. Success of this project will aid in successful development of this promising new drug

Faculty Supervisor:

Gary Sweeney


Abdul Haadee Lone




Microbiology / Immunology


Professional, scientific and technical services


York University


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