Development of a new compact configuration for enzyme-mediated carbon dioxide desorption unit based on detailed study of desorption kinetic mechanism and local-scale mass-transfer phenomena

The CO2 thermal desorption process in the stripper for the regeneration of solvents is central to the design of CO2 capture process from technical and operational standpoints, requiring huge amounts of energy and posing considerable challenges on plant operation. In order to offer an alternative environmentally-friendly and economical stripping unit, the present project aims to develop a new compact and efficient design for the stripper of CSI’s industrial lung technology based on a new methodology allowing fundamental understanding of CO2 desorption kinetics and predicting CO2 desorption efficiency during the regeneration process. Finally, it will enable CSI to offer a technically and economically viable CO2 capture technology to power generation plants and industrial sectors dealing with the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Faïçal Larachi


Amir Dashliborun


CO2 Solutions Inc


Visual arts


Alternative energy


Université Laval



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