Development of a New Family of Agri-based Flocculent for Optimized Water & Nutrient Recovery from Anaerobic Digestate

Anaerobic Digesters are used in farm-based, municipal and industrial settings to convert wastes (manure and crop residues) as well as other feedstock material (fat, grease, oil and food wastes) to biogas. Produced digestate is rich in nutrients such as phosphate, nitrogen, (and other minor nutrients) and is mixed with water that makes the transportation costly and can’t be land applied due to excess of phosphate, nitrate and ammonia. The majority of current flocculants contain petroleum solvents ?that remain in the organic solids after separation; rendering it unsuitable for subsequent use in farm fields. Some others are not efficient in removal of solid and nutrients. Developing an green and environmentally friendly solution to convert digestate into more concentrated and/or higher value product improves the economics of Anaerobic Digestion facilities. The present proposed project has been planned to develop an innovative technology for enhanced nutrient recovery. Developed agri-based polymer removes water and nutrients from digestate efficiently and cost-effectively, producing a nutrient-rich product that can be transported off-site and/or used as higher value product such as organic fertilizer. Using the proposed technique, anaerobic digestate can processed to generate a concentrated and higher value nutrient product while its recovered water can be land applied.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ali Lohi


Maryam Rezadehbashi


Biopolynet Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological




Ryerson University



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