Development of a New Non-contact Rotational Position Sensor for Fault Detection in Gear Boxes

Litens Automotive currently uses an axially mounted non-contact magnet based rotational position sensor in several applications to accurately and precisely measure shaft rotational position. This type of sensor has no moving parts, which allows it to be extremely durable with respect to useful life. With this robustness, coupled with low per unit cost, it has great potential to be used in mass produced items. In order to further develop new applications for this sensor in the automotive industry and in other industries work needs to be done to adapt the sensor to allow mounting transverse to a shaft. Litens will benefit from the internship through the potential development of a new sensor which could have wide application and therefore significantly affect their business by generating new opportunities in the automotive sector, but more importantly in other rapidly expanding industry sectors as well (such as machinery reliability monitoring in the mining and processing industries).

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Chris Mechefske


Mike Taylor


Litens Automotive




Automotive and transportation


Queen's University



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