Development of a non-destructive condensation sampler for airborne viruses

The proposed project is to develop a bioaerosol sampler which will have minimal impact on the infectivity of captured viruses. Airborne viruses are subjected to environmental conditions which could affect their potential of infectivity as well as their capacity to resist the shearing forces and desiccating conditions during sampling procedures with standard sampling apparatuses. This leads to the underestimation of infective viral loads in aerosols and could have a dramatic impact on the nature of the decisions taken for aerosol contamination control. The development and characterization of this sampler would allow a better understanding of the transmissibility of viral diseases through the airborne route. The partner organization could greatly benefit from this project by have the opportunity to offer exclusive services to its clients and, consequentially broadening its target market to national and international contracts. Furthermore, the commercialization of this sampler could benefit research laboratories around the world for bioaerosol research.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Samira Mubareka & Caroline Duchaine


Daniel Verreault


Airmax environnement inc.


Microbiology / Immunology


Environmental industry


Université Laval



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