Development of a Novel Flow Diverter Design for the Treatment of Cerebral Bifurcation Aneurysm

Cerebral aneurysm (CA) is an abnormal dilation of the cerebral arterial wall and accounts for more than half a million deaths worldwide annually. Flow diverters (FDs) are commonly used to treat CAs but have deficiencies in certain anatomies. In partnership with Evasc Medical System Inc., whose area of expertise is developing treatments for CA, we intend to develop a new design for the Evasc FD (eCLIPs) to address these shortcomings. Through a stepwise design modification process, we aim to improve the performance of eCLIPs in occluding flow into the aneurysm sac in complex anatomies. Results of this research project will serve as a guideline for Evasc to improve outcomes in a larger population of patients with CA. This project also hopes to establish an enduring partnership with Evasc for future collaborations and serve as a template for developing new technologies for cardiovascular medical devices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dana Grecov;York Hsiang;Abbas Sadeghzadeh Milani


Mehdi Jahandardoost


eVasc Neurovascular


Engineering - mechanical


Professional, scientific and technical services




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