Development of a Novel Marine Icing Prediction Model

All shipping and marine activity is subject to risks, such as flooding and capsize in extreme seas. Shipping in cold winter conditions is subject to additional risks, such as ice accretion on the topsides, which in extreme cases can cause capsize. The catastrophic capsize of smaller vessels due to icing is still taking place, with the subsequent loss of life (Arctic Operations Handbook 2013). The consequences of a capsize in a remote area has a large financial and regulatory impact as well as subsequent environmental damage to the ice prone areas. Accurate estimation of loads due to ice accretion is thus necessary. The objective of the research is to develop an icing prediction model and to develop a risk framework for a corresponding icing event and its effect on ships and offshore structures.TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

David Molyneux


Shafiul Mintu


Zol Dynamics Inc.




Information and communications technologies




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