Development of a novel skirting system for residential housing using composites

Canadian Vinyls Inc., based in Kelowna BC since 1994, has grown to become Canada’s largest distributor for vinyl skirting. CV represents an example of robust, local small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in the region, poised for expansion. The company through MITCAS support and interaction with the university team desires to bring on R&D capability to take advantage of perceived opportunities in creating an improved product and bringing more manufacturing opportunities locally. Specifically, the objective of this research project is to primarily perform a design optimisation of a novel residential skirting system, along with the associated manufacturing process, using composite materials for improved mechanical durability, aesthetics and thermal insulation performance. Thermo-mechanical modeling of prototype samples of housing skirting will be performed based on mechanics of composites and material selection techniques, and eventually a best-practice will be provided to construct a capability by the industrial partner to manufacture a new ‘Rapid Wall’ product.

Faculty Supervisor:

Abbas Milani


Bryn Crawford


Canadian Vinyls Inc




Advanced manufacturing




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