Development of a Novel Sustainable Adsorbent Unit for Indoor Air Purifiers – Year two

This project is with Airpura – a developer of indoor air purifiers. We plan to develop a prototype and upscale the technology of recyclable coated iron-oxide systems, incorporated in the design, from the laboratory-scale to final consumer product use. The newly introduced adsorbent system serves to increase the removal efficiency of the volatile pollutants less amenable to adsorption on activated carbon. The modules are intended to be recyclable following periods of use in the indoor air purifiers. The research will involve: 1) the efficiency and comparability experiments with other techniques, 2) testing of different configurations of the filtration/adsorption module assembly, and 3) recyclability tests of the prototype adsorption modules. Based on this project, Airpura is expected to have a new product with leading air purification efficiency for a wider range of pollutants and recyclable adsorption modules. Both features will provide an edge over the competition by introducting the technology to reduce the environmental impact of Airpura’s products and increase their marketability on the domestic and export markets as the ability to remove ketones and aldehydes and recyclability will be novel and unique characteristics setting Airpura’s products apart from the currently dominating products on the market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Parisa A Ariya


Yevgen Nazarenko




Geography / Geology / Earth science




McGill University



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