Development of a novel system to isolate vocal sources in crowded environments for individuals suffering from hearing deficits

Hearing aids are a common form of treatment for individuals suffering from a hearing impairment [1]. These devices work by collecting sound from the surrounding environment and amplifying that sound in the patient’s ear to improve hearing [2]. These devices work well under most conditions however, in noisy settings such as a busy restaurant, hearing aids also amplify some of the unwanted background noise [2-6]. This can limit an individual’s ability to hear and communicate which can be an isolating and uncomfortable experience. This project focuses on the research and development of a hearing aid associated product which aims to improve the patient experience in these “noisy” environments. As a start-up in its infancy, the company will benefit by having a graduate intern with a diverse and applicable skill set that is well suited to help drive the necessary research and business development for a medical device of this nature.

Faculty Supervisor:

Randal Johnston


Tyler Chudiak


Dad's Hearing Solutions Incorporated




Life sciences




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