Development of a portfolio of graphite and graphene based processes and products

The interns involved in this MITACS cluster will work in close collaboration with the industrial partner, Grafoid, a Canadian company based in Kingston, Ontario, to develop a portfolio of graphene-based products, including autonomous sensors, energy storage, fuel cells and electrically conductive devices. The ultimate objective is to develop proof of concept products including automotive parts, cathode materials in Li-ion cells, antimicrobial surfaces, super-capacitors and wearable sensors. This three-year spanning research will have the following outcomes: (a) environmentally friendly, scalable, reproducible and industrially relevant technologies to produce thermoplastic and elastomer-based composites, suitable for automotive and other structural applications; (b) high-value added products, such as sensors and supercapacitors; (c) thermoplastic composites suitable for additive manufacturing processes. This research will thus produce a portfolio of graphene-based products for high value-added products and applications. The knowledge generated by this research cluster has the potential to provide new value-added products at a substantially reduced cost to various Canadian industrial sectors, including the advanced materials, automotive, manufacturing and alternative energy sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Marianna Kontopoulou


Osayuki Osazuwa


Grafoid Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Advanced manufacturing




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