Development of a renewable and small scaled heat and power generation system for remote location using woody biomass as fuel

The key objective of this research is to develop a unit for combined heat and power production using biomass feedstock that can be used in remote areas where no grid power is available. Canada as the second largest country in the world, has a great potential for such units. Aboriginal communities or remote work facilities are only two possible applications for this technology. The existing heat and power generation system mostly rely on diesel and natural gas. Replacing the system with renewable biomass fueled units would have a positive impact on carbon dioxide emissions and promote the domestic market for pellets and renewable fuels. To develop the technology this research focuses on the properties of different feedstocks and technologies. A successful project would allow FPInnovations to either provide such a system or the necessary know how on the Canadian market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Shahab Sokhansanj


Christoph Schilling




Engineering - chemical / biological


Alternative energy


University of British Columbia



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