Development of a salmon diet using alternative protein and lipids suitable for land-based recirculation farming systems

Aquaculture feed has historically relied on fish-based protein sources to satisfy nutritional requirements for optimal growth. While plant-based proteins are increasing throughout the aquaculture industry, the need for fish protein is still present to ensure the “natural fish” taste that consumers want. Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) have been proposed as a solution to this problem as they contain the same compounds responsible for the desired taste. This project looks to determine the effectiveness of protein from BSFL and a proprietary lab-grown marine agent within Atlantic salmon feed. This will be performed over three feed trials, the first of which will be 14-weeks and undertaken during this Mitacs internship. This project will also be testing the ability of the BSFL and marine agent components in providing more solidified fecal matter for improved water quality in land-based aquaculture facilities which recirculate their water.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stefanie Colombo


Greg English


Oberland Agriscience


Environmental sciences




Dalhousie University



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