Development of a Sample Preservation and DNA Extraction Buffer for C-POD™

Sample preparation for DNA extraction is labour intensive, tedious and a recognized bottleneck and impediment to high throughput automated DNA profiling. The organization sponsor, DNA Ident Inc., has a uniquely designed sample collection container (C‐POD) developed to capture DNA and to streamline sample preparation. The proposed project will develop DNA stabilization formulae for use as an embedded component of the C‐POD sampler. Extraction methodologies will be utilized to reduce reagent volumes, improve the time for DNA testing and cut the cost associated with DNA profiling. A number of tissue preservation/lysis formulations to accommodate a variety of biological materials for DNA isolation and analysis will be developed. The components and concentrations vary depending on the tissue involved. To accelerate the process the focus will be on formulations that are compatible with downstream DNA isolation with magnetic beads and as an integral component of the C‐POD. DNA Ident will commercialize the results of this research by offering it as a valuable attribute, which enhances the usefulness of its proprietary C‐POD sampling device.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bradley White


Tasnova Khan


DNA Ident Inc.




Life sciences


Trent University



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