Development of a slit die system for on-line rheological measurements of polymeric melts

Our industry partner, EHC GLOBAL, is a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of escalator handrails products including recyclable handrail that features built-in antimicrobial properties and the ability to display custom graphics. They also deal in many other products such as escalator safety brushes, urethane rollers and engineered polymer products and are continuing to introduce new products in the market. However, escalator handrails continue to be one of their major product lines, which they consistently look at improving the performance of this product. Therefore, they have established a pilot production line for investigating new material formulations and production methods. They want to undertake detailed scientific studies of all the factors that have a bearing on material properties and production technology. The rheological properties are key parameters that affect not only the production processes but also mechanical performance of the elastomeric handrails during operation. The rheological behavior of materials can vary widely with both formulations and process parameters. Therefore, having an in-situ measurement system will be very helpful in carrying out the scientific studies and modeling that they desire to undertake for product improvement.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ghaus Rizvi


Shahid Ahmed


EHC Canada




Advanced manufacturing


Ontario Tech University



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