Development of a software module for integrity analysis of subsea pipelines facing ice-induced geohazards

The Arctic Region is considered an extreme environment for natural resources extraction. One potential threat to an Offshore Pipeline is the constant movement of ice based structures, such as icebergs and ice ridges. The project is focused on developing a numerical methodology to simulate the effects of ice gouging/ ice scouring on buried pipelines. The developed tool will incorporate all the latest advances in terms of soil properties and sophisticated interactions modeling between ice, soil and pipeline. The developed numerical tool will serve as a test platform for the numerous parameters that rule the phenomenon and as a paradigm for simplified models. The partner organization will be responsible for developing this research, under the supervision of the academic organization. The benefits will include research funding for the members of the partner organization and opportunity to work in the Offshore industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hodjat Shiri


Eduardo Ribeiro Malta;Reza Aghakhani




Engineering - civil


Professional, scientific and technical services


Memorial University of Newfoundland


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