Development of a stable and printable carbon nanotube based bioink for E.coli detection

Early detection of pathogen biomarkers such as E. coli is important for management of water bodies and agricultural farms. This information is invaluable to municipalities, provincial governments and private enterprises. Such information could have probably prevented the worst-ever outbreak of E. coli contamination in Bruce County, Ont. in 2010 where 2,300 people fell ill and seven died (Source: CBC News, Canada). At present, live detection of biological contaminants in water supply has no solution. The project will focus on developing printable sensors that can sense the bacteria rapidly. The completion of this project will address a real-world application of the technology by incorporating the sensor into a viable product (i.e. handheld or autonomous monitoring device) and will allow the company to create sensing solution for liquid borne bacteria that would be sold worldwide. Municipalities, wastewater treatment facilities, government agencies, businesses, and individual users will be able to use the monitor directly to assess water quality in their communities or private wells in real time.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ishwar Puri


Krishna Jangid


Bioink Labs Ltd.


Engineering - mechanical




McMaster University



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