Development of a Storm Water Re-Use System to Supply Non-Potable End-Uses in Multi-Use Community in London, Ontario

Urban stormwater re-use is gaining acceptance in Canadian jurisdictions as a means to offset anticipated increases in potable water demand from urbanization and climate change. S2e Technologies has partnered with Queen's University to determine if a net economic benefit can be achieved from potable water savings in large-scale stormwater re-use facilities in Canada. The new partnership between s2e Technologies and Queen’s will examine the economic feasibility of large-scale stormwater re-use in a Showcase Community in London, ON. The aim of the proposed project is to perform a feasibility research study that analyzes the economic efficiency, the potential savings in potable water, and the peak-runoff reduction potential of large-scale urban stormwater re-use. The research will generate fundamental knowledge about annual and seasonal variations in the water quality, supply, and demand for reclaimed stormwater as well as predictive correlations between regional hydrologic conditions, watershed characteristics, and the hydraulic performance of the re-use system that can be used for design purposes. The feasibility research is a first step in the development of large-scale stormwater re-use technology that will help Canada and Ontario compete in the global water market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Yves Filion


Dalia Al-Ali


S2E Technologies Inc.


Engineering - civil


Alternative energy


Ryerson University



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