Development of a thermal spray wear-resistant coating for abrasive concrete applications

Mechanical wear and chemical corrosion are the two main dominant factors that limit the service life of industrial machinery. Wear and tear of tools and equipment are significantly intensifying due to the increasing demand for superior efficiency, productivity, and throughput of industrial apparatuses. Since the surface of the materials is more exposed to abrasive wear and erosion, surface protection is considered an effective and economic approach to improve the service life of machinery components. Currently, thermally sprayed WC-based cermet coatings are the most widely used wear-resistant cermet materials to protect various metallic components. In this research, the deposition of potential wear-resistant thermal sprayed coatings (WC-17 %wt. Co and WC-10% wt. Ni) on steel molds is investigated using microstructural studies as well as microhardness and wear tests. This study aims to develop a wear resistance coating which is also tough and ductile enough to increase the service life and reduce the disposal of molds, used in the manufacturing of concrete products. The partner organization, Besser Proneq, will benefit from the research by acquiring the knowledge to produce molds and wear liners with improved service life and durability.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christian Moreau;Pantcho Stoyanov


Farzam Arhami


Besser Proneq


Engineering - mechanical




Concordia University



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