Development of a Web-based Resource for Consumers of Vitamin/Mineral Supplements


The purpose of this proposed research is to determine a mechanism (i.e. information posted on an appropriate website) to assist consumers with the selection of a vitamin/mineral supplement.  The principles to be considered are: appropriate dosage, product quality, high benefit, and low risk. The Dietitians of Canada have agreed to contribute funds for this project as it feels the project is of value to consumers and in line with DC’s mission. The study will be carried out in three parts.  First, a literature review of currently available resources for helping consumers choose supplements will be conducted. Using these results, the student will prepare a number of scenarios related to helping consumers understand quality supplements, including risk and benefit of various nutrients at different doses.  Likely a few targeted supplements, such as folate and vitamin D, will be chosen initially as prototypes for supplements.  These scenarios will be evaluated in a focus group with participants representing vulnerable groups such as low income or older adults, for whom choosing appropriate supplements is a greater priority than higher socioeconomic groups, as we recently reported.  The internship will focus on Communication Plan development and implementation using social marketing principles, under the mentorship of an experienced dietitian. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Susan Whiting


Mgan McKay


Dietitians of Canada


Pharmacy / Pharmacology


Life sciences


University of Saskatchewan



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