Development of a Welding Robotic Systems for Pipeline Welding

Pipelines are a vital part of safe drinking water networks and hygienic facilities, and any improvement in facilitating their development affects decreasing the disease and death and increasing the prosperity of the community economy. This project aims to develop a welder robot for massive pipeline connections, which will expedite the execution phases of welding. Compared with the current bulky and expensive welding robot, the developed robotic system will be more helpful in pipeline development because it will be portable and affordable. Furthermore, labor cost is allocated a significant portion of pipeline development cost, and weld reliability is highly affected by welder skills when done manually. The proposed project aims at designing a robotic platform that can achieve a high-quality uniform weld bead with minimum operator interference, which will decrease the labor and repair cost.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mehrdad Moallem


Jalal Taheri Kahnamouei


Jewel Holdings LTD


Engineering - mechanical




Simon Fraser University


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