Development of Additives in Pellet Form For Asphalt Mixes Containing Recycled Asphalt

In this project, asphalt mix additives in the form of pellets added directly in the mix during mixing will be developed. The pellets will include at least recycled asphalt shingles, but other additives like rejuvenators and warm mix additives will also be tested. Those additives should help to make asphalt mixes with better mechanical properties while using less virgin materials. The compactibility, the workability, the moisture resistance and properties like thermal cracking resistance, rutting resistance and modulus of those modified mixes will be tested. With this project, the partner will have the necessary information he needs to improve his product and to ensure his customers that what they produce with this additive will meet their requirements.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alan Carter


Appa Rao Gandi


Rogitex International Inc


Visual arts






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