Development of agent-eluting bio-absorbable scaffold suitable for animal implant

Micro-chip implantation provides a reliable, cost effective and less painful method of reuniting the lost pets with their owners. However, the formation of tumors and inflammation at the micro-chip implant sites has been observed in companion animals as well as rats and mice. Therefore, there is an emerging need for alternative material to coat or encapsulate the micro-chips to control the inflammatory reaction after the implant and the potential tumor formation. The proposed research project aims to optimize the design, manufacturing process and material selection for agent eluting bio-absorbable tissue scaffolds for insertion in the tissue of an animal during, or after, puncture of tissue. The development of these scaffolds will directly influence the life of roughly 26 millions pets in Canada in the short term, and ultimately, will improve the quality of life of Canadian people in the long term.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ali Ahmadi


Brady Gallant


BioPierce Canada Ltd




Life sciences




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