Development of AI-enabled Intelligent NDT Platform

Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) is frequently performed for various manufacturing sectors, but its current practices require human operators to be involved in all aspects of the data collection, transfer and analysis. With the advent of Industry 4.0, NDE technology needs to be upgraded to “NDE 4.0” comprising essential aspects such as automatic and autonomous NDE, interconnectivity for data communication, and real-time data analytics using AI, which cannot be achieved with current technology. In this program, we will develop a new hybrid NDE that can address these aspects to realize NDE 4.0.
In this project, we will develop a new intelligent NDE platform that controls the NDE process, interprets the data using AI algorithm, and communicates with the cloud server in real-time.
The proposed research will give Canada a competitive edge in the study of NDE, structural health monitoring and the integration of NDE with real-time AI. This integration will enable a higher level of NDE technology, allowing Canadian industry to thrust into NDT service and equipment market, while ensuring the safety of the products, structures, and infrastructure.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hyock Ju Kwon


Ali Rafiei


HJ Machine & Pattern


Engineering - mechanical




University of Waterloo


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