Development of Airborne COVID-19 Isolation and Elimination Device

The key for controlling the transmission of COVID-19 is to isolate and eliminate COVID-19 contaminated air and droplets, particularly aerosols. However, this is very challenging for many healthcare settings such as dentistry, which are in dire need of an effective and feasible solution for reducing the COVID-19 risk. UBC Okanagan will partner with Care Health Meditech Developments Inc. to develop an innovative device, Airborne Infection Isolation and Elimination Device (AIIED), which will enable safe collection and disposal of COVID-19 contaminated air in dental operations. This project is of significant importance for Canada and the world as it reduces the need for production and/or purchase of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for combating the pandemic.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ri Sunny Li;Sina Kheirkhah;Jonathan Little;Joshua Brinkerhoff


Ram Chanduri;Mojtaba Zabihi;Sepehr Mosadegh


Care Health Meditech Developments Inc




Health care and social assistance


University of British Columbia



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