Development of an Accurate Method for Predicting Heat Transfer in Screw Conveyors

The aim of this project is to develop an accurate numerical method of predicting the performance of screw conveyors in which there is heat transfer to or from the material being transported. A detailed review of past studies in this area will be undertaken and based on this and on an understanding of the characteristics of the software that will be used a solution procedure will be selected. This procedure will be implemented using the commercial software package FLUENT©. This solution procedure will be validated by comparing the results that it gives for the few situations that have previously been studied with the results obtained in these previous studies. Properties of materials that are likely to transported in screw conveyors in which heat transfer occurs will then be obtained and some sample calculations will be undertaken. This study will provide the partner organization with a method for more accurately designing screw conveyors in which heat transfer occurs and will given the intern experience in numerically predicting the performance of complex engineering systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Patrick Oosthuizen


Neda Mansouri


Continental Conveyor


Engineering - mechanical




Queen's University



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