Development of an advanced modeling platform for assessing chemical and mechanicalmembrane durability in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells – Year Two

Hydrogen powered polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) are a clean energy technology that generates electricity without harmful emissions at the point of use. To accelerate commercialization, current R&D efforts mainly target reduced cost and increased lifetime. The proposed research project addresses both aspects by developing a unified chemical and mechanical modeling platform for evaluating membrane durability in PEMFCs. The core validation is based on extensive test and field data provided by our industry partner, Ballard Power Systems. The validated modeling platform will be integrated into Ballard’s modeling portfolio and applied to predict membrane life as a function of fuel cell design, materials, and operating conditions, which is critical in facilitating and accelerating the development of enhanced membrane durability PEMFC products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Erik Kjeang


Ka Hung Wong


Ballard Power Systems Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy


Simon Fraser University



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