Development of an Auxetics Smart Textile for Applications in Healthcare Products

Smart wearable biomedical technology has a wide range of application in health monitoring during life activities or in traumatic situations. This technology can provide a practical and convenient solution for continuous health monitoring of elderlies, and patients suffering from different types of dementia like Alzheimer’s Disease. Additionally, the technology can facilitate trauma medicine by providing compact, portable, and easy to use devices to monitor patients in traumatic situations and can help emergency management by real-time data transfer. Comfort is an important factor for smart wearable biomedical devices. Auxetic materials, a novel type of material with counterintuitive deformation behavior, has attracted great attention in the field of medical devices. These materials exhibit improved mechanical characteristics and are in high demand for various applications in the field of medical textiles which can benefit most people. However, very few types of auxetic materials have been implemented for practical applications. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Hani Naguib


Nastaran Shahmansouri


Myant Inc


Engineering - mechanical


Life sciences




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