Development of an efficient coding for CDMA-based passive RFID tags

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses radio frequency to identify and track tags attached to objects. This technology is employed in different industries such as asset tracking, supply chain management, ID badging, etc. Current solutions for object tracking have limited precision, suffer from low performance, and are expensive and complex. In this project, by implementing a technology called code division multiple access (CDMA), we improve the RFID system performance significantly. The Aveer CDMA-based RFID system with passive, small, and low-cost tags is able to perform real-time 3-dimensional tracking with micrometer accuracy. These capabilities make Aveer tags applicable to many other technologies such as automation and robotics (e.g., monitoring robotic arms movements that can improve product quality and reduce production cycle time), motion capture (e.g., placing small tags on actors and capture real-time motion with high accuracy), etc.

Faculty Supervisor:

Reza Soleymani


Maryam Miriestahbanati


TandemLaunch Technologies Inc.


Engineering - computer / electrical


Professional, scientific and technical services


Concordia University



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