Development of an Extensible Framework for Assessing Digital Health Innovation Hubs (DHI-HUB)

New information technologies are becoming an important part of the health care system. A priority both provincially and nationally is the establishment of an enhanced network of general practitioners using the latest information technologies to acquire, store and use patient information. This will involve deployment of person-centred digitally-enabled information technologies in a new structure known as Digital Health Innovation HUBs (DHI-HUBs). The hubs will provide an opportunity to test innovative health technologies in health care. In this project, we will develop a framework for evaluating the effectiveness and outcomes of DHI-HUBs. The research methods will include ideas from implementation science, health IT project management and the emerging field of health informatics. The approach to evaluation of an implementation of a set of innovative health technologies will be applied in the Okanagan region of Canada and will be designed to be generalizable to other health regions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Elizabeth Borycki;Andre Kushniruk;Helen Monkman


Angela Espejo






Information and communications technologies


University of Victoria



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