Development of an integrated foundation for precision medicine for the Atlantic Region with a focus on Colorectal Cancer and Lung cancer

Atlantic Canada has the highest rate of CRC in Canada and NL has the highest incidence of familial CRC worldwide. This study is being undertaken primarily to reveal the underlying molecular mechanisms associated with the high rate of CRC in Atlantic Canada, particularly the well-documented familial CRC in NL. We expect to define novel genetic and epigenetic lesions in tumors that may help inform treatment for patients in the Atlantic region and elsewhere. Additionally, Atlantic Canada already has an established system of lung cancer molecular profiling but, the conventional approaches fail to capture additional molecular lesions that are emerging as having clinical implications, including global assessment of tumor mutation burden (TMB). We aim to achieve adequate tissue sampling for diagnosis and molecular profiling and implement advancements through specialized tools.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sherri Christian;Robin Urquhart;Sevtap Savas;Touati Benoukraf;Tom Belbin;Dan Gaston


Hong-Dien Phan


Atlantic Cancer Research Institute


Biochemistry / Molecular biology


Professional, scientific and technical services




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