Development of an Intelligent Mobile Personal Emergency Response System for Elderly

Epic Safety Inc. specializes in Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), Mobile PERS and Tele-Health. Recognizing Dr. Golnaraghi’s internationally recognized expertise in this field, Epic will be working with his team of HQP and provide them with practical training with the goal to employ these highly qualified personnel to guarantee the advancement of this technology. The envisioned Mobile PERS includes a fall and vital signs sensory system that uses a combination of sensors to record a user’s movement/activities and vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate etc.). In this phase of the study, the SFU team will look at design of the sensory system and testing the proof of concept to ensure its reliability for fall detection. The proposed technology combines various pioneering academic research concepts including the inertial navigation systems, intelligent systems and novel vital signs detection utilizing the concept of oximetry. The proposed activity will directly benefit Canadian elderly population.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Farid Golnaraghi


Amr Marzouk, Majid Shokoufi, Mohammad Narimani


Epic Safety Inc.




Medical devices


Simon Fraser University



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