Development of an IoT-based sleep monitoring system for optimal sleep quality

The proposed project will develop a system that combines ambient environmental sensors with sleep detection methods to measure sleep quality and allow the user to improve their focus during activities of their daily lives. Observing sleep patterns through all the stages of sleep to model the users body clock and quality of sleep. In addition, using environmental sensors to help users identify optimal sleeping conditions. This will be done by developing an algorithm that will estimate sleeping patterns with environmental sensors and produce a report to optimize their sleep. A hardware prototype will be created as a proof of concept so that the user could conveniently use it in their own home to adjust their sleep and environment. The benefit of this project will let people become more aware of their sleeping patterns and increase their sleep quality for a more active daily life.

Faculty Supervisor:

Edward J Park


Dominic Jaworski


Dream Cantec Systems


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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