Development of an optical sports monitoring sensor and method for non-invasive evaluation of muscle metabolic fitness and function in elite athletes

Currently, elite athletes and their coaches rely on the subjective self-awareness and measurement of muscle force, heart rate, and the amount of blood lactic acid level to monitor body fitness and athletic performance. These methods, however, are not ideal and always reliable due to subjective errors, technological limitations and individual confounding factors that limit the validity and accuracy of the measures. Furthermore, current methods are not able to monitor muscle function and fitness during exercise and recovery periods. This study aims to approach this challenge by establishing a new method and developing a wearable sensor for non-invasive monitoring of muscle performance and fitness during exercise. The ultimate goal of this project is to help elite Canadian athletes to enhance their 2022 and 2024 Olympic and Paralympic podium performances by using this new sports monitoring technology

Faculty Supervisor:

Babak Shadgan


Leili Ghazi-Zadeh;Majid Shokoufi


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University of British Columbia



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