Development of Antibacterial/Antiwear Polymer Based Nano-composite Coating for Circulation Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint is a world-class producer of circulation and non-circulation coins for Canada and other countries and aggressively conducting and supporting research and development to meet customer requirements and social/environmental wellbeing. One of future strategies at The Royal Canadian Mint is to produce antibacterial Canadian circulation coins, reducing the potential spread of bacterial through coins exchange. Researchers at Carleton will joint force with RCM to develop antibacterial coatings and also to evaluate the coating adhesion and wear resistance. The coating materials consist of polymer base with anti bacterial nano Ag particles. A solvent free UV curing process is proposed here. The bacterial test will be carried out to evaluate the broad-spectrum of bacterial types by placing the coated coins on frequent human contact surfaces (cell phones for example). This work will also create both industrial and economic benefits as well as social benefits.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Xiao Huang


Pradeep Selvaraj, Ayman Ibrahim & TBD


Royal Canadian Mint


Engineering - mechanical


Finance, insurance and business


Carleton University



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