Development of Bionanofluid for Commercial Production

The purpose of this 4‐month internship is to scale‐up the bionanofluid production at McGill University and then transfer this process to Leap Medical Labs for commercialization. At McGill, this will involve the design and implementation of 2 new reactors, as well as testing, optimization and validation of the various process parameters. Once the scale‐up is complete, the newly developed manufacturing processes will be transferred to Leap Medical Labs’ production facility. In order for Leap to commercialize the bionanofluid, each of the individual process steps will have to be documented, verified/validated, and pass strict regulatory requirements. This will involve both technical and business related activities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sylvain Coulombe


Nathan Hordy


Leap Medical Labs Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological


Life sciences


McGill University



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