Development of carbonaceous adsorbents from Moringa Stenopetala Seed Waste for removal of heavy metals and organic contaminants from aqueous solution

The aim of this project is to prepare carbonaceous adsorbents from Moringa stenopetala seed husks for removal of contaminants such as heavy metals and dyes from aqueous solution of commercial interest. The proposed project will examine the developed carbonaceous adsorbents to determine their adsorption capacity, kinetics, selectivity for specific contaminants, at different operating conditions. This research will help partner organization to convert the available agri-waste at their site to valuable products, i.e., to develop adsorbents for commercialization in water treatment applications. This will also benefit in reducing environmental impact such as waste disposal or burning. It is also an excellent opportunity for the partner organization because they can easily access equipment and other resources that are available at the university via adsorption group expertise. Hence, the partner organization can take advantage of this to offer an innovative and competitive product in the market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Qiuyan Yuan


Alemayehu Bedane


Bio TEI Inc.


Engineering - civil




University of Manitoba



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