Development of Chitosan-based Nanosparticles forLoading Non-water Soluble Medicine

Over 90% new drugs cannot be used in market or perform inefficiently because of their poor water-solubility. Delivery of non-water soluble medicine by using biodegradable carriers can solve the problem. This research work aims to develop N-trimethyl chitosan chloride (TMC)-based nanoparticles used as a drug carrier for delivering non-water soluble medicine to enhance the therapeutic efficiency. Two interns will be involved in this project. Collaborating with Ovensa Inc., we will produce TMC-based nanoparticles with suitable particle size and surface properties. The loading efficiency, and release kinetics of the medicine loaded in TMC-based nanoparticles will be thoroughly investigated. The successful result of this project will eventually establish a platform for enhancing the activities of the non-water soluble medicine.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jin Zhang


Eugene Hwang


Ovensa Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological






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