Development of closed containment and aquaponics technologies for White sturgeon aquaculture

The research will determine best culture practices for grow-out of the white sturgeon with respect to water quality parameters, feeds and feeding strategies, density of animals, and behavior as related to growth performance, health indicators, and stress. The research will also explore and develop an aquaponics component of the culture systems at the VIU laboratory and at the company partner’s site. Aquaponics is the coupling of a plant growing system to a fish growing system, the plants grown in water after its passage through the fish system. The plants utilize nutrients produced by the fish and in so doing purify the water so that it can be re-used by the fish. This research will include engineering to design the systems (including fail safe systems), water quality balancing in both systems, assessment of best plants to use in the system for maximum production, meeting water quality standards and products for sale.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John Morgan



Taste of BC Aquafarms Inc.


Environmental sciences


Fisheries and wildlife


Vancouver Island University



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