Development of Combined Building Integrated Photovoltaic/Thermal (BIPV/T) System for Net-Zero Energy Building Applications – Year two

Building integrated photovoltaic–thermal array (BIPV/T) incorporated within a building structure is a system that combines the roof/facade, photovoltaic cells and thermal collector as an all-in-one product instead of installing each individually. BIPV/T effectively replaces conventional building materials and is more cost-effective than having several separate products, and installation of the BIPV/T system can be implemented during initial building construction. BIPV/T serves to not only produce electricity, but can also generate thermal energy, and act as protection against noise and the weather. With this in mind, BIPV/T functions as a new disruptive technology. This project will benefit the partner(s)’ understanding of BIPV/T benefits, challenges, and system design/installation improvements, which could potentially reduce costs, help advance commercial solar energy system and contribute to the economic benefits of Ontario and Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alan Fung


Raghad Kamel


Toronto and Region Conservation Authority


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy




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