Development of design methodology for customizable add-on products

The RazerLift is a new product designed to provide superior access to vehicle roof-mounted cargo. RazerLift introduces the accessible roof carrier concept. This project is intended to conduct research on safety requirements for product development work to be done on the partner’s RazerLift product. The partner is interested in getting a reliable and safe product out in the market, and for that, a comprehensive study needs to be conducted through these internship units to ensure RazerLift’s functionality, safety and future market. This opportunity will provide the intern with a real experience of product development and product engineering experience. The opportunity will have a definite positive impact in the intern’s career development while serving as a full-time job to bring together his past job experience and education to obtain a better understanding of the industry principles.

Faculty Supervisor:

Simon Li


Kaveh PourAkbar Saffar


Buller Engineered Products Ltd


Engineering - mechanical




University of Calgary



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