Development of Dielectric Coating for the Next Generation Wearable Heart Monitoring System

Electrocardiography or ECG is a technology that can be used to monitor the electrical activity of the heart over a long period of time. Such signals can be utilized for interpreting both the structure and function of the heart. Traditional ECG designs consist of several electrodes that need to be placed directly in contact with a patient’s skin. These metallic sensory electrodes are usually made into disc-like configuration and one of the major drawbacks is the inconsistency in signal recording due to poor skin contact from the non-flexible nature of the electrode design. Thus, HelpWear Inc., is intended to manufacture next generation ECG sensors by utilization of flexible polymeric based material to replace the traditional bulky ECG design and integrate novel materials for wearable healthcare applications.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hani Naguib


Yu-Chen Sun




Engineering - mechanical


Medical devices




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